Marc Aranha’s Contest Submission #133


Name: The Spider Queen
: Marc Aranha

About the Survivor: After her son was brutally slain by Spidicules, Sheen watched helplessly as her lover was driven mad by the creature’s mocking laughter and eventually dragged away into the cold darkness. Swearing vengeance, Sheen set out to face the monster and end her family’s suffering. Although she was too late to save her love, Sheen slew the creature and dragged its bloated carcass back to her settlement where she learned to fashion clothing and forge weapons from the silk and limbs. Her favorite is a deadly whip, created from Spidicules own still-twitching leg. To honor her lost love, Sheen fashioned a breast plate of bone from her lover’s recovered rib cage, and now ruthlessly hunts all of the monster’s spawn – following the mocking, whispering laughter that floats like breath upon the wind. Few can tell if the laughter still originates from the monster or whether the dark chuckling is from Sheen’s own lips.


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