It’s our pleasure to announce the winners of the Kingdom Death Armor Kit Painting Contest! We were completely blown away by the number of submissions our contest received, the range of interpretations submitted, and the depths of our fans’ talents! All of these factors compounded to make judging this competition fantastically challenging, but, after months of deliberation, we have our winners—double the number we expected, in fact!

Rather than narrowing the field to the expected 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place winners, we’ve widened the winner’s circle to include three Honorable Mentions.

To quickly review, here are our winning places and their related awards.

  • 1st Place: $400 Kingdom Death store credit and a gold colored 3D printed Twilight Sword with Adam Poots’ signature!
  • 2nd Place: $200 Kingdom Death store credit and a silver colored 3D printed Cat Fang Knife!
  • 3rd Place: $100 Kingdom Death store credit and a bronze colored 3D printed Lucky Charm!
  • Honorable Mention (x3): $50 Kingdom Death store credit!
  • Hall of Death: All entrants are welcomed into the Hall of Death!! Any non-winning entries will receive a $15 Kingdom Death store credit!
  • Note: Winners and entrants with accounts at the Kingdom Death shop have already received their store credit applied to their accounts, simply LOGIN and use HALLOFDEATH at checkout!! If you haven’t, check your inbox!
  • (Winning trophies are in production, stay tuned winners!!)

Additionally, we have thirteen finalists, exemplary contenders we’ll be awarding special notoriety in our Hall of Death!

So, to begin with, our thirteen finalists (by order of submission) include:

Submission #13: Candy the Ultimate Dancer

Submission #20: Shadowy Sonata by Erin Hartwell

Submission #31: People of the Frost Survivor

Submission #36: Placid Archer by Gillis B

Submission #37Searching the Darkness by Forest Zachman

Submission #46: The Unlikely Bandit by Steve Vu

Submission #53: Guided by the Lantern’s Light by Jason Samuel

Submission #68: Ezekiel, Lord of Bones – Forsaken Twin of Corruption by Spectre Elite Gaming Studio

Submission #75: Order Captain by Nick Wirtz

Submission #81: The Wandering Sooth by Guroworks

Submission #110: The Warlord (WELL? WHAT IS IT?) by Taylor Lindberg

Submission #118: Hildebrand by Tobias Hastrup Petersen

Submission #120: Death Mask by Tyler Hunter

Hearty congratulations to all our finalists! Incredible work one and all!

Next up, in reverse order, we’re onto our winning artists!

Honorable Mentions

Our three Honorable Mention winners include…

honorable1 honorable2honorable3



3rd Place Winner


3rd Place Winner: Submission #83 – Glorious Primary Eyes by Øystein Nesheim
Øystein’s work captures the stark horror of the Kingdom Death world! Their survivor at the brink presents that “instant before the end” moment KD players know oh so well.


2nd Place Winner


2nd Place Winner: Submission #101 – A Survivor by Sora030
Sora030’s work stands out with its beautiful bleakness. There’s a flood of story here: dwindling light, impending doom, resolve pitted against crushing dread. Perfectly grim!


1st Place Winner


1st Place Winner: Submission #93 – Kali the Sword Dancer by Sascha Buczek
Deadly blades, glimmering gold, and scarred flesh in a monstrous grip—Sascha’s work is as near a perfect summary of the Kingdom Death world as we could hope for! Phenomenal work!

Congratulations to our winners and boundless thanks to everyone who submitted their survivors! Even with six finalists, we can’t begin to highlight all the jaw-dropping work on display throughout this contest.

Be sure to check out the full gallery of submissions to choose your favorites!

And keep up with us here on the Kingdom Death site and our Twitter at @KingdomDeath for all our Kingdom Death updates and future contest announcements!

Thank you all for sharing your amazing skills and your love of the Kingdom Death world!

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