Glorious Primary Eyes Contest Submission #83


Name: Glorious Primary Eyes by Øystein Nesheim

The Clan of the Feathered God had settled in a vast, coal-colored landscape of enormous trees and rough sand. They specialize in hunting the Phoenix, the only source of color in this bleak area.

Feathered cloaks are manufactured by the clan to imitate their prey. They have found a way of cultivating the small hand parasites found on the bodies of the great birds and have them nest in their own gear. The parasites assist the survivors by holding lanterns and helping them climb the great trees to get closer to their prey.

This young survivor have joined a hunting party tracking down a Phoenix. She’s only heard tales of the magnificent creatures before and eagerly rushes towards her prey circling above the nigthmare tree.

She gets pulled up and into the tree canopy by the parasites. The great bird swoops over her a few times and then takes notice of the human. Readying her spear to attack as the creature approaches, this is the moment of her meeting the gaze of the glorious primary eyes.


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