Red, Matriarch of Gloomwych Contest Submission #3

Red, Matriarch of GloomwychName: Red, Matriarch of Gloomwych by Tony Neville

Here’s Red, the Matriarch of Gloomwych, our first long-lived settlement. Gloomwych survivors have names linked to their hair colour, Skye, Coal, Ash, Amber, Honey, etc. Red stands alone begin named directly after her striking locks. Also known as Thunder Caller and Orator of Death, courageous Red is our only survivor to See the Truth. She is an Axe Specialist and a Berserk Clutch Fighter, who struck the fatal blow against a White Lion and a Screaming Antelope. She is the only starting survivor still alive in Lantern Year 17, although she no longer hunts due to a missing eye and arm. Her injuries have left her in a Bitter Frenzy and second guessing her showdowns fills her with Indecision. She took the family name Lock and her children fill the settlement.


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