Seven Contest Submission #25


Name: Seven by Daniel D.

Seven enjoys; brisk walks in the dark (and by brisk walks I mean running and screaming), playing with her founding stone (no sexual innuendos there), and praying for a quick death (unlike the others). These are her likes because THERE IS NOTHING ELSE IN THE DARKNESS!!! She WAS a mother of 2 lovely girls, 9 and 11. Unfortunately 9 succumbed to illness when a plague swept over the camp. 11 was viciously mauled by a very angry mother lion. Probably had something to do with us killing her cub, tit for tat I guess. She’s not very courageous but she does have a deep understanding of life…and that is, LIFE IS BLEAK! Your probably reading this and grinning but I ask that if you can do one thing before you close this email… say a prayer for Seven, even though she may not hear it through her blood curdling screams.


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