Brightest star of Mahata Solaris Contest Submission #112

brightest star of Mahata Solaris by Carles Fornés

Awoken in the darkness to the roar of a deadly lion, she was the brightest star of Mahata Solaris, the Dragon King’s people, and the first one to receive a Constellation. Time and again she led her people to victory in arms against terrifying foes, and to victory in wisdom against more subte threats. No monster could resist her, and her axes cleaved in half any prey she decided on.

But the most dangerous foe is often found within…

His husband, Altair, jealous of her power and wisdom, treacherously murdered her, to devour her marrow and so consume her virtues. Thus Vega died.

But not even death would claim her, for early on her life she had found a strange, warm flower. And so Vega found herself Reincarnated inside her own daughter, and their strength pooled together, and she was stronger than ever.

And so was Altair killed by his wrathful once-victim, who still continues to lead her people to this day, striving to regain the favour of the Stars she once had…

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