A survivor Contest Submission #101


Name: A survivor by Sora030

“He knew his time had come.

The lantern was fading, the darkness gaining ground, and his will becoming weaker as his heart was beating slower. Only his sword was holding him standing.

Yet he was not afraid. Of course he had fought many times and won, seen many horrors and pushed through, and lost precious things to him along the way … and it didn’t matter now.

His vision was fading. He couldn’t remember his name anymore…

But he didn’t need to.

He knew in this very moment that what he saw, felt, lived, wasn’t for himself. It was all for them. Those back at that place he called “home”. His death in this place at this moment would ensure another would live, and fight, and win, and push through. His people would go on and live, go on and survive.

Knowing this, his heart finally gave in and accepted the darkness.

He wasn’t afraid, because he didn’t fear for himself. He remembered no name, because he was no one.

He was a survivor.”


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