Lucy the Lion Eater Contest Submission #99


Name: Lucy the Lion Eater

by No one important

Lucy, who had taken a liking to skulls after gnawing on the prologue lion’s for a bit, decided to give humans a go as she and her fellow hunters returned from their very first hunt. While she was busy snacking on a fellow hunter’s skull, the rest of the settlement promptly proclaimed that she was not someone to be messed with and therefore their leader. After all, who else was insane enough to chase down lions, beat them to death with their bare hands, and still have the energy (and unending hunger) to grab another survivor and start munching away? She was clearly crazy, but had the fighting skills to back up her claim to every skull she saw. Lucy went on to live a long and glorious life, the crowning moment of which was when she grabbed a White Lion by the fuzzy groin, tore those testes clean off, and devoured them on the spot.
While staring the lion in the eyes.
I like to think it blinked first.


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