Nyvafzm (Nyv for short) Contest Submission #89


Name: Nyvafzm (Nyv for short) by Daniel Marcatili

She awoke with ink stained eyes with three other survivors. She was named for the first sound she uttered, when a Lion raked its claws across her chest and waist. They became mortal enemies, each striking the other savagely. Nyv claimed the Lions manhood. Soon after she claimed its life.

During the first Triathlon of Death held at the settlement she had her left arm removed below the elbow. In the subsequent triathlons held, one participant would always suffer the same penalty. Later that year she gave birth to the first child of the settlement and was the Voice of Reason when the Screaming in the Dark began.

She defended her settlement against the Butcher, but was Deafened when he bit her head.

After killing an Antelope she gained the nickname “Brainless Saviour of the Antelope”. Nyvafzm participated in four successful hunts and one successful Nemesis encounter. She had learned how to Mighty Strike with her sword. Bone at first, though later she was proud to be the first to bear a metal weapon: a Scrap Sword.

She met her fate in Lantern Year 8. A fallen feather the year before had stopped the heart of the last male in the settlement. A hunt party consisting of Nyv, her daughter Nyvaisx and two other women went to hunt the monster that had dropped this feather. It was an eventful hunt: Nyv fell into a sinkhole. When she was pulled free from the mire, a human male was found clinging to her feet. She found a feather that she could not resist taking, an in an instant her life was rewound. She was now younger than her daughter. During the battle she was aged in an instant from the youngest hunter in the party to an old woman ready to retire. She never had the chance: in a moment of frozen time the Phoenix plucked her life away.


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