The Moment Before a Hit Contest Submission #82


Name: The Moment Before a Hit by Olli Toivonen

Her name was Nahkadonitsi (“Leather Donut”, in English).

She’s gone by now, and has been grieved over many years ever since. She
never wasn’t a regular one.

She started her journey as a child of the ancestors who founded their
settlement in the Lantern Year one. Then, after several choices of her
destiny, she became the Bosslady of the whole settlement. Nahkadonitsi
was a leader who lead the settlement in the front line. She was a part
of several hunt groups, year after year. Good people died around her but
she managed to return every time. After some bad leg injuries she
finally had to drop the axe and start to learn a use of a bow. She was a
decent shooter too, for a while, but the destiny had different plans for

After yet another successful hunt in the year nine her competitor have
had it with her. The murder happened. In that bloody night the
settlement lost their leader. People of the village managed to catch the
murderer (who found out to be a part of the long-lasted hunting group of
her!) and hanged her.

Nobody won that night. The settlement is still without a real leader who
can lead them against the most fearsome creatures. It’s a Lantern Year
12 now. The future doesn’t look bright. The lanterns are fading…

The end (of the settlement?).


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