Pussy Control, the Lion Tamer Contest Submission #11


Name: Pussy Control, the Lion Tamer by Brian Kito

Not every survivor needs to be a tank or massive damage dealer. Our settlement learned this the hard way…
The four hunters came back from the Lion hunt successful, but it was a hard won battle. Rocky and Brom were alive, but they’d never be fit to hunt again. Leah and Bree would heal eventually, but both were terribly wounded.

As they recounted the the story of the hunt to the other survivors, Bree’s younger sister came forward. She had the Harp her father had made her, the Cat’s Eye Circlet her mother had given her, and the Whip she had found on the outskirts of the village.

She looked her sister in her remaining eye and she said, “Mama didn’t tell you what she told me, ‘Girl you need Pussy Control'”. -credit Prince for his lyrical genius
Thus was born into the settlement, Pussy Control, the Lion Tamer.


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