Mercy Submission #107


Name: Mercy by Antizombie

Leader of the third age
The words of her mentor echo through her ears.

“To lead the hunt one must show no fear…”

She answers the challenge and steps up to face him. He who was at the first hunt. He who is said to be immortal. He who has led.

“One must be patient…”

They stand there for a minute; silent and still. She watches the old hunter as he stares past her. A fierce yet tempered look on his face. Suddenly, the imposing figure brings down his hammer and the sky opens up with a crack of thunder. With relentless fury he comes at her with a flurry of swings. Each one more devastating than the last.

“One must be quick…”
Tumbling out of the way, her axe and sword scrape against his bone-like armored skin. She matches him move for move as the old hunter brushes off blow after blow. Impenetrable – the juggernaut shows no sign of slowing; no sign of weakness in his face.

“One must be clever…”

She falls to her knees in defeat, her fists closing around the loose sediment as she tries to accept her fate. The old hunter approaches to deliver the final blow. The sediment flies from her hand into his face, followed closely by her axe. He parries the projectile then the axe, only to be greeted by the blade in her other hand.

“A leader must stand as an inspiration and a nightmare. Something every hunter aspires to be and fears they will become…”

The crowd chants for Mercy.

She pauses. And as her axes come down, her mentor speaks his final words.

“I am proud of you…”

A mournful silence falls over the crowd. Slowly the drums of the Hunt take up their thrum. The Crowd rejoices! For she is Mercy, Leader of the Hunt.


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